Trendy DIY Room Decor Ideas To Try in 2023: Paper Lanterns, Modern Coasters + More – Rachael Ray Show

Top NYC event planner and DIY expert Jove Meyer is making room decor items you NEED in your home: paper lanterns, modern coasters and acrylic pour art.   
First up, paper lanterns. These have been around for a while and are iconic and have been trendy for years. This new trend is to update your lantern and bring in a pop of color with a lamp you may already have. Round lamps are back in a BIG way, and covering a paper lantern in colorful paper can transform a space and can be used for a celebration in your home, or to elevate your everyday life.  
Next is squiggly coasters. These circular, flat coasters made of cork or resin have been trendy for a while. Squiggly coasters are in as they are both functional and artsy, a conversation starter for friends and family over at your house. Squiggles are all the rage in design at the moment; they are trending with interior design, event design and in fashion as well, so this brings the trend into the home with coasters. 
Last, is an acrylic paint pour. This is a new style that allows people to get extra creative beyond the brush with paint, and really become your own modern “artiste”! It’s a way to have fun and you can hang it in your own home or gift to a loved one! 
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