A washing machine is a costly home appliance, which is why investing in its service and maintenance can save you a lot of money in the longer run. Moreover, the dryer and washing machine failures can probably interrupt your daily work schedule, especially whenever you have a lot of clothes to clean. In this case, the most reliable resolution to all the issues of your washing machine is to simply book a maintenance service for your washing machine appliance in Phuket. 

All you require to do is just a simple call, get a free quote for the repairing service and book a maintenance service and a professional technician will be immediately consigned to reach your doorstep for the repairing service on the agreed time and day. 

Washing Machine Issues: 

  • Broken or damaged parts of the washing machine. 
  • Sometimes, a lot of washing machine users have noticed excessive vibration on the washing machine while washing the laundry and clothes.
  • The washing machine is not rotating appropriately while washing the clothes. 
  • Your washing machines are dead or won’t startup.
  • There is no agitation.
  • There is no cold water.
  • Wash cycles of the washing machine leave some specific spots or lines on the clothes laundry that you are cleaning. 
  • The washing machine leaks.
  • The water of the machine is not draining correctly.
  • Washing cycles of the washing machine leave the soap or detergent in the laundry. 
  • The washing machine stops running immediately while the clothes are in the cleaning process. 
  • Wire or plugs malfunctioning. 
  • No water entering the washtub. 
  • Some strange noises coming from the washing machine.
  • Clothes are still wet after the spin cycle. 

How it works

1.Contact our Customer Service for making an appointment and a quotation.
2.Our pro will meet you at your home (for site inpection, if needed) 
3.Backed by Phuketallservices's Happiness Guarantee

Hiring independently may result in 'unprotected' potentially exposing you to risks associated with the employment arrangement. This could lead to the service provider being scrutinized, and their track record of non-compliance with the company's terms and conditions being documented.