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Residential gutters are made up of horizontal gutter sections attached at the roof edge, and vertical downspout sections that carry the water to the ground. A typical home will need 12.5 to 20 meter of gutters with downspouts every 3.5 meter of gutter. It is further necessary to conduct water away from the foundation at ground level.

Cost breakdown

  • The material cost of the horizontal mount 4″ PVC gutter sections including necessary hangers and couplers is around 450 Bath per meter, and professional installation cost is an additional 300 Bath per meter.
  • Corner fittings cost 100 Bath each and 50 Bath each to be installed professionally.
  • The larger 5″ gutter section material cost is about 15% greater than the 4″ example.
  • The material cost of the vertical mount downspout section is around 450 Bath per meter and additionally about 150 Bath per meter to be professionally installed.
  • Additionally about 500 Bath of material cost per downspout is required for elbows, brackets, and a splash block.
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