Rain Gutter SCG SMART Model (Brown) with Installation


 ( meter )


Type : Installation
Location : Srisoonthon

Rain Gutter Installation

SCG Vinyl Gutter is one of the most popular rain gutter materials used by owner due to its strong, durable, fire-retardant properties and does not rust throughout its service life. As well as being lightweight Comes complete with installation services by a team of experienced technicians Ensures that they can be installed, work that is neat, beautiful and durable.

What’s Included

  1. (Starting from 15 meters 11,250 baht)
  2. 1 year installation warranty
  3. The price will be quoted for you after length maturing.
  4. Price with installation charge is 750 baht / meter
  5. Survey fee 1,000 baht* Site Inspection fee can be used as a discount on the final bill *

Term and Condition 

  1. Prices is included gutter, down-pipe, standard equipment and labor fee. figuring by length per meter including slide ladders for on-site installation
  2. This price does not include other materials or equipment.
  3. This price does not include the service of dismantling the former rain gutter.
  4. Price is covered the height which not higher than 2 floors or 8 meters.
  5. This price does not include leaf traps. Want to add a leaf trap (add 150 baht / sq m)

How it works

  1. Inspection time is approx. half day.
  2. Installation is between 1 – 2 days
  3. After inspection, If found that there were additional items. Our team will explain the details in the quotation for you to decide again.
How it works

1.Contact our Customer Service for making an appointment and a quotation.
2.Our pro will meet you at your home (for site inpection, if needed) 
3.Backed by Phuketallservices's Happiness Guarantee

Hiring independently may result in 'unprotected' potentially exposing you to risks associated with the employment arrangement. This could lead to the service provider being scrutinized, and their track record of non-compliance with the company's terms and conditions being documented.