Glass and Acrylic Shower Enclosures Installation


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Type : Installation
Date : July 28, 2022

This type of Shower Enclosure It is a bathroom partition that is modern, luxurious and more beautiful than other types of partitions. which can be designed and can be installed according to the size or shape you want In terms of material selection, there are transparent and translucent acrylic sheets, tempered safety glass or laminated glass.

Precautions for use:

Annealed Glass should not be used because in the event that the glass is broken, the glass fragment will be sharp. which will be dangerous for users For safety, use a material that is a clear acrylic sheet. or tempered safety glass (When broken, it will be small corn kernels. thus greatly reducing the danger)

*Note: Sometimes there may be cases where the tempered glass bursts. and scattered in the bathroom itself despite not being hit at all caused by any reason (Click to read more reasons below)

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