Ceiling Grid (T-Bar) Installation VinylTouch Model // Snow Pattern


 ( sqm.)


Type : Installation


☆ Utilizes Sheetrock brand technology, making it more robust and durable, reducing edge cracking and minimizing the need for post-installation repairs. It’s lighter than traditional options, making it easier to transport and install.
☆ Surface is covered with easy-to-clean white vinyl, ensuring safety and hygiene.☆ Fire-resistant – the paper backing adhered to the gypsum doesn’t catch fire.
☆ High light reflectance up to 89%, helping save on lighting costs.


Ideal for interior ceilings in residential kitchens, restaurants, food production facilities, electronics manufacturing plants, computer centers, hospital interiors, clean rooms, and spaces requiring special cleanliness (Dust-Free).

Service Details:

❀ All-inclusive labor and materials cost 300 Baht per square meter, with a minimum hiring requirement of 25 square meters.
❀ Labor-only cost is 140 Baht per square meter, with a minimum hiring requirement of 50 square meters.
❀ Workmanship is guaranteed for 120 days from the date of delivery.


ⓘ Depends on the volume of work performed.

How it works

1.Contact our Customer Service for making an appointment and a quotation.
2.Our pro will meet you at your home (for site inpection, if needed) 
3.Backed by Phuketallservices's Happiness Guarantee

Hiring independently may result in 'unprotected' potentially exposing you to risks associated with the employment arrangement. This could lead to the service provider being scrutinized, and their track record of non-compliance with the company's terms and conditions being documented.

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