Ceiling fan installation or repair




Type : Installation
Date : February 18, 2017
Location : Phuket Town

Ceiling fan installation should be done by an expert and requires the use of correct tools. Due to the fact that it is constantly under rotary motion at high speeds, ceiling fan installation should be accomplished with high levels of safety standards.

DurationSame day service
Turnaround Time2 hours
PricingDepends on the scope of work

 Heating problem in fan’s motor

 Noise problem

 Faulty fan motor

 Loose connections

 Faulty capacitor

 Installation of the fan unit


Q: Is there any service warranty provided?
A: Yes, a 10-day service warranty is provided.
Q: What precautionary measures should customers take after availing the service?
A: It is advised to clean the fan weekly to avoid putting any extra load on the motor.

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