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Type : Installation

Aluminium Slat Fencing & Gates provide your home with privacy, safety, and security whilst also adding value to your property. Mintfencing is the one stop solution for all your fence and gate needs.


  • Slat type  : Aluminum slat
  • Resistant to sun-rain : YES
  • Convenient installation : YES
  • Strong and durable : YES

Size : H 3 meters

*Size and height depend on design. Please ask for more information.

Product details

Going beyond the limits of creativity Unleash your imagination in design.

with Alumet Flexi System, a versatile aluminum system for building decoration

Versatile aluminum system for interior and exterior decorations that can be freely designed and arranged in various patterns with the Clip Lock system that can be installed in a variety of ways. and unleash your imagination in design with shades Choose from a wide range to let you create one-of-a-kind creations that stand out.

Flexi System is easy to install in 5 steps.

Helps save time and effort 
Very special with “Wood Effect Aluminum | Wood Effect Aluminum”, a material of the future that responds to the use of natural wood substitutes. Produced using Double Powder Coating technology, which is to spray 2 layers of paint to be firmly embedded in the aluminum. Helps to make the wood pattern clear, beautiful color, resistant to sunlight, resistant to rain, resistant to all weather conditions, does not peel, does not fade, making it easy to maintain. Maintaining the beauty of color for many decades

Advantages of aluminum building decoration system that liberate in design

1. Create a variety of designs. Freedom to choose lines Design patterns according to the style you want.

2. It can be used in many forms. meet all needs Whether it’s building walls, walls, fences, doors, railings, partitions, or even designed into beautiful furniture.

3. Beautiful with colors and textures, create every imagination with a variety of colors. Both spray paint, powder coating that can be done in any color as needed. Anodizing color provided Metallic texture And the beautiful, realistic, natural-looking wood grain color.

4. Made of high quality aluminum material, with outstanding characteristics of aluminum that is strong, durable, lightweight and rust-free. Treatment is easy for you.

5. Easy to install, beautiful and fast. Specially designed clip locking system for easy installation. Neat and fast, just a few steps Save time and labor

6. Eco-friendly innovation, aluminum material is 100% recyclable and innovative wood grain aluminum that gives color and texture like real wood. can be used as an alternative material Reduce deforestation

How it works

1.Contact our Customer Service for making an appointment and a quotation.
2.Our pro will meet you at your home (for site inpection, if needed) 
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