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One can do countless activities inside their home, but this woman's neighbors drew the line on her home improvement projects. Is that even possible?
Jun. 13 2023, Published 10:06 p.m. ET
One can do countless activities inside their home (within reason). Whether it be cleaning, painting, singing, or renovating, it’s usually no one else’s business what you choose to do with your spare time indoors.
However, that was seemingly not the case for TikTok creator @haeleytran’s (Haeley Tran) mother when her neighbors confronted her about the noise level of her home improvement projects on the weekends. Here’s what went down.
Haeley posted footage of the shocking confrontation between her mom and her neighbors in her viral video. The creator prefaced that her mom works during the week, so she spends her weekends working on improvement projects inside her home from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.
According to Haeley, her mother’s neighbors arrived at her house to complain about the noise level and the situation quickly escalated.
When her mom first greeted the angry individuals while wearing a mask, the woman immediately demanded that she remove it so they could “see” her.
However, that was probably the tamest part of the whole video.
I am appaulled + saddened at this mean girl interaction my mom had with her #karen neighbors. They attempted to bully her into feeling bad about her homeimprovementprojects, demanded her to tell them everytime before she starts (in her own home), belittled her, called her names + made fun of her for her relationship status when we lost my dad to stage 4 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. This is not how you treat ppl to get what you want! #influencersinthewild #audrianalorraine #meangirls #karensgoingwild
“The way you’re acting is so immature,” one of the neighbors aggressively told the creator’s mom. “For an old a– woman to act like that is embarrassing!” Haeley noted that the two people who ganged up on her mom were in their mid-30s, while her mother is in her 40s.
And when the creator’s mom threatened to call the cops on the couple who continuously berated her, the male neighbor iterated that they weren’t attacking her while his partner yelled that she was “the most particular person [she had] ever met.”
When Haeley’s mom pointed out how unreasonable her neighbors were, the man and woman became even angrier. She continued to explain that what she was doing was perfectly legal and that the weekends were the only time she could work on home improvement projects.
However, when she told her neighbors that she worked full-time, the woman sarcastically replied, “What? Are you jealous?” because she is a stay-at-home mother. Then, the woman insulted Haeley’s mother again, shouting, “You’re double our age! Grow up!”
Haeley noted in the video that her mom was recently widowed when her father passed from stage 4 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and that she has built everything from a fireplace to a puppy kennel by herself.
However, the angry neighbor used this information to her advantage. As the outraged couple left, the woman squeezed in one final blow. “Karma’s a b—-,” she snarled. “I feel sorry for you. You’re alone for a reason.”
“My dad died of stage 4 cancer, and she made fun of my mom for being alone,” Haeley wrote at the end of the video. “Congratulations. ‘Person of the Year’ award.”
Naturally, the comment section couldn’t believe the events that unfolded in the creator’s minute-long TikTok. “Is she for real thinking that she can tell someone what to do in their home during DAYLIGHT HOURS?” one user asked.
Another person added, “I would 100 percent catch a case if someone talked to my mom like that, and I don’t even like my mom.”
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