DIY home decor ideas – The Kathmandu Post

Decorating your house is a never-ending process. Even when you think you have bought everything for your home and arranged them all neatly, there is always one thing or another that can be added, removed or remodelled. So, the Post brings you a list of things you could do to revamp your living space. All the tips listed below are eco-friendly and utilise items lying around your house.
Adding life to unused bottles
Next time you get thirsty and buy a bottle of mineral water, don’t throw it away. Instead, take it home and recycle it to add a bit of jazz to your room.
You can make a terrarium out of it and curate your own indoor garden. You can use several of these bottles to make a mini garden in your room. You can even use your imagination to turn empty wine bottles into decorative items. It could be a pen holder for your desk or even flower vases for your kitchen or living room.
Creating new stuff out of paper
Paper wall decorations are an excellent way to spruce up your home decor. Creating simple designs out of colourful papers will add vibrancy to your room and make the dullest of walls pop. You can create wall hangings out of paper or design cute origami figures and paste them onto your walls. This is a simple and accessible way to fuel your creativity while simultaneously spending some quality ‘me-time’.
Repurposing old mirrors
Mirror embellishments can give any room a wonderful sparkle and shimmer. Small mirror details adorning vases, lampshades, and even clothing are becoming increasingly popular. Give this sparkly trend your own touch.
If you have a broken or cracked mirror lying in a corner of your room, you can deconstruct it to make a variety of home decor items. A piece of wall art with small mirror details could be an option. You could also use the tiny pieces to decorate vases or lampshades creatively. Just make sure you do not .cut yourself with glass shards during the process.
Giving old furniture a makeover
Have old furniture at home that looks dead and dull? It is high time to give them a creative makeover. Start by painting the furniture or staining them with new and vibrant colours. You can create a treasured heirloom out of nothing if you just play with colours using inspiration from Tiktok, Youtube, or Pinterest.
Repurposing an old bookshelf or lampstand by simply recolouring them. You can be as creative as you want while colouring these items—mixing a variety of colours to create a unique and eccentric piece or sticking to a single colour for a classier look.
Curating a backsplash out of scrap paper
If you think that one wall in your house looks a little too lifeless and dull, you could bring it to life without colouring it too. Just collect as many pieces of colourful paper scraps as you can and roughly cut them out into tiny pieces. Now mix up these pieces and start glueing them onto that wall. You don’t even have to arrange them in a specific order or space them out evenly for this to look nice. The backsplash will look cool and exciting without you putting in much effort.