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Wall Hanging Service

฿300 (Onwards)

ราคา : ฿300 (Onwards)
ประเภท : Installation
อัพเดท : 2019
ผู้ประกาศ : Individual
พื้นที่บริการ : Thalang

What’s included with this service?

  • Determining right location to hang item(s)
  • Installation of hardware for hanging (wall hanging hardware not included in estimate)
  • Hanging of customer-supplied item(s)
  • Service is for drywall only

How many hours should I choose? 

On average it will take about 15 minutes to hang each small item (50 inches or less) and 30 minutes to hang each large item (51 inches or more). Upon arrival to your home, your pro will be sure to let you know if additional labor hours are needed. Hours of wall hanging listed are working hours or labor-hours, which means 2 hours can be covered by 2 people working together for 1 hour, or 1 person for 2 hours.

What if my items take longer to hang than I estimated?

Your pro will let you know upon arrival to your home if your items will take longer to hang than expected and will require additional labor hours. If so, your pro will provide you with an updated price estimate before work begins.

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