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Abode, one of the earliest players in DIY home security—and one of our long-time favorites in that space—has launched a simpler and less-expensive DIY home security system.
Removing most of the smart home capabilities present in its two previous offerings, which will stay on the market, has enabled the company to offer its new Abode Security Kit (pictured up top) at a suggested price of $159.99, including the central hub, a door/window sensor, and a key fob.
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“This is a more basic system that can compete better with DIY home security systems like Ring and Simplisafe,” said Abode founder and CEO Christopher Carney in an interview ahead of the announcement.
The new Abode Security Kit will work with Abode sensors and other devices that communicate over Abode’s proprietary RF system, and users will be able to take advantage of all the same cloud integrations, including Nest cameras and thermostats, Philips Hue lighting products, Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistants, and Bose and Sonos wireless speakers.
Unlike Abode’s two previous home security systems—the $280 Smart Security Kit and the $330 Iota Security Kit—the new hub will not have Zigbee or Z-Wave radios for local integration of smart home products such as lighting, door locks, or water shut-off valves. The new Abode Security Kit will also not have Apple HomeKit certification.
The hub in the new Abode Security Kit is tiny in comparison to the company’s earlier smart home products.
Abode Systems
Asked about Matter certification, Carney replied that Abode is “tracking Matter, but we don’t see any benefit to the user today. It’s more of a marketing play to say ‘we have a Matter [certified] device.’ Why waste our development resources on something that doesn’t benefit the customer?”
As for HomeKit compatibility, Carney said that certification “takes time and effort during development, which makes products more expensive.” Buyers who want HomeKit compatibility can consider Abode’s two other systems, which do have that feature.
The Abode Security Kit has a 93dB siren on board and a battery backup. It can be expanded with any of Abode’s outboard sensors—including its door/window, motion, water-leak, glass-break, and recessed door/window sensors.
The new kit is also compatible with Abode’s smoke alarm monitor; indoor and outdoor sirens; panic button; and numeric keypad. Buyers can round out their security systems with the Abode Cam 2 security camera and Abode Video Doorbell in addition to Google Nest indoor and outdoor cameras.
Abode offers two monitoring options with each of its security systems. The Standard plan is a self-monitoring option ($6.99/mo or $69.99/year) that includes cellular backup in case you lose your broadband connection, event-based video recording and downloads, push notifications, and in-app panic alarms that set off the system’s siren in an emergency.
Meanwhile, Abode’s Pro plan ($22.99/mo. or $219.99/year) includes the same benefits as the Standard plan but adds professional monitoring of your system, including the ability to have first responders dispatched to your home in the event of a break-in or other emergency.
The Abode Security Kit is priced at $159.99, but for a limited time, consumers can buy this starter kit for $139.99.
We’re expecting to receive a review unit soon and will follow this coverage with an in-depth hands-on review.
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