• Odor Removal Service

Odor Removal Service

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฿2,000 (Starting Cost)

Type : Cleaning
Condition : Corporation
Warranty : YES


True Clean is far superior in treating pet and other odors. Over the years we have been faced with many challenges in this area and we highly suggest that you get an experienced, certified company if you are serious about odor removal. This is not a job for rookies. In most cases we will be able to give you a pretty good idea as to the chances of our results and if we don’t think we can remove the odor, we will tell you.

Odor removal is a large part of our business as we are constantly asked if we can remove certain odors. In most cases our answer is a resounding yes. Some of the odors that we can remove are:

Cigarette Smoke 

Pet and Human Urine

“Wet Dog” Smell

Cigarette Smell

Cigarette smell is a serious problem. True Clean has the answer to that problem. First, we clean your carpet with a cleaner designed specifically for nicotine removal. If the smoke smell is very strong, True Clean has commercial and residential ozone generating machines which can be very effective in the eradication of these odors. We also use a thermal fogger to attack the smell in the walls, ceilings and furniture.

Pet and Human Urine 

Tremendous advances have taken place in our industry in the last few years in our ability to conveniently remove these odors. We feel we have the best system in treating pet odors and stains. In the past, we used enzyme treatments to remove the urine but it was a nasty way to do it. We poured the treatment on to the carpet and pad and simply left it there to dry over the next 3 to 5 days. In the first day the odor was atrocious as the urine bacteria was dying.

Thankfully, we no longer use that method. Now, we pour a treatment on the carpet and pad and let it dwell for 20 minutes and then we extract it out of the carpet. Immediately, the smell is gone and hopefully, nothing more has to be done. Prior to this treatment, our technicians will test the carpet for urine with our urine sensors to find the affected areas. In severe cases, the carpet and/or pad must be replaced and the sub-flooring sealed. True Clean will be able to determine if this is necessary. 

“Wet Dog” Smell 

Dogs like to roll around and sleep on carpets and this can leave an unpleasant odor. The oil from the hair on the dog is left on the carpet and that is the offending odor that we call “wet dog” smell. A good cleaning of the carpet with a carpet cleaning degreaser is the answer along with an odor bomb. This method has enabled us to sell many a home for a realtor because without removing that odor, the home couldn’t be sold.

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129/101 Moo 1 Baan Naiyang Tumbon Sakhu