• Leather Sofa Repairs

Leather Sofa Repairs


฿8,000 (On inspection)

Type : Repair
Condition : Profesional
Warranty : YES


Curtains Blinds Dubai Furniture Repairs offer a wide variety of repairs for leather sofas, fabric sofas, cabinets, and much more Sofa Repairs.

Common problems you might face with leather sofas and furniture can be stains caused by food and drinks or tougher stains can be caused by the likes of nail varnish. Our Furniture Technicians are able to cover this and recolour your furniture using special pigments to match your leather sofa and furniture and restore it to show room standard. 

All leather repairs are offered to both private customers and clients and all repairs will be completed in your home on the first visit. It is only on rare occasions that it will take multiple visits to repair your leather furniture and extremely rare we will need to uplift it to our workshop. 

If you’re facing problems such as tears, scratches, scuffs, burns or stains with your leather sofa you don’t need to throw it away and get a new sofa. Homeserve Furniture Repairs offer a recovering service for your leather sofa for only a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. Each of our furniture technicians have been trained to coloring match your leather sofa and cover any marks or stains where needed. They are also trained in cleaning sofa stains where possible as well. 

If your leather sofa is sagging or gone flat from wear and tear we can add extra fillings and padding for your sofa seats, back and arm cushions to make your sofas as good as new. Placing your leather sofa near any heat sources or in direct sunlight runs the risk of the leather drying up and the colour fading. 

Our Service Technicians can offer onsite repairs for colouring and re-covering your damaged furniture as well as offering expert advice for maintaining your furniture.

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