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It’s about to become your favorite room in the house.
If you’re lucky enough to have a sunroom in your home, it’s probably your favorite place to unwind. After all, where else can you soak up all that glorious vitamin D without having to deal with biting bugs or bad weather? These window-lined rooms, traditionally built onto the side or rear of a house, can be little sanctuaries of serenity, especially when they overlook a verdant

backyard or colorful flower gardens. But just like any spot in your home, sunrooms get rundown and outdated. And then, before you know it, you’re on the lookout for new sunroom ideas.
Whether you’re looking to redo your own little light-filled refuge or just dreaming about adding one to your home, we’ve rounded up the most dazzling sunrooms. We’ve found rooms dedicated to following on-trend interior design movements, from boisterous boho to sassy maximalism, as well as more traditional sunrooms perfect for a waterside retreat. With a room dedicated to natural light, it’s the perfect oasis for DIY planters, as well as houseplants and indoor trees. But since it’s indoors, you can decorate with cozy pillows and throws, patio furniture like a hanging egg chair, or use our blanket storage ideas for those chilly evenings when the seasons change. And if you’re working with a budget, we’ve also included plenty of DIY projects and tips on thrift shopping, too. Chances are, you’ll feel so inspired by these ideas that you’ll zip right through your sunroom makeover.

With minimalism on its way out, maximalist design is popular right now, and it’s a thrilling way to bring your sunroom to life. Think bold prints in a variety of colors, layered fabrics, loads of plants, plus paintings, prints and the like dressing up any available wall space.
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Sunrooms don’t have to be bright and white! Here, charcoal-colored walls contrast superbly with elegant furniture in pale, neutral tones. The lace curtains add a vintage vibe to this otherwise mostly contemporary interior.
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As you decorate your home with each changing season, don’t forget to include your sunroom. When autumn’s frosty breath arrives, scatter pumpkins and pinecones here and there and layer soft throws and pillows over the couch. It will become the comfiest, coziest spot in the house.
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There’s nothing like snoozing in the sunroom on a warm summer’s day, and this DIY bed swing makes the idea all the more appealing. This space’s top to bottom makeover also included painting the floors with epoxy and jazzing up that tree stump for use as a rustic coffee table.
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Think you have to spend all your hard-earned cash to create a showstopping sunroom? Thank again. Instead of buying everything new, spend some time prowling thrift stores for savvy finds, like the table and pair of chairs that are the centerpiece of this appealing little space.
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Eclectic design, which brings together aesthetics from different eras and styles, can bring a boundary-defying zest to any sunroom. We love the mid-century modern tulip chairs combined with the stately Oriental rug and classic floor globe.
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Whether you’re paying bills or working from home, doing it in your sunroom should definitely help keep your stress levels down. To start with, all that sun streaming in the windows and the gorgeous greenery visible outside should bring some serious tranquility. Toss in a lovely watercolor mural in a soothing shade above your desk, and you’ll be on your way to achieving a moment of zen.
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Since most sunrooms are relatively compact spaces, small changes can make for a big impression. Blogger Liz Marie painted her unfinished dining table a handsome off-white to contrast with the chairs she picked up at an antique store. She then added wheels to the table legs, which gave the table some extra height and charming detailing.
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Want to go big or go home in your sunroom? Consider using striking geometrical patterns everywhere—from furniture to pillows, and even on the ceiling. Now that’s some drama we can get behind!
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The idea of filling your sunroom with plants is almost a no-brainer, but even better is going one step further and adding a potting bench to the space. If you don’t want to clutter up your pretty room with fertilizer, soil, gloves and tools, tuck it all away in baskets. Brilliant!
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Have a crib from bygone days on hand or are you willing to prowl antique stores until you find one? This tutorial will take you through converting it into seating that’s sure to become your sunroom’s statement piece.
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With its accent hues of turquoise and aqua, this sunroom would look right at home in an oceanside abode, but the truth is its easy, breezy charm—typified by that adorable DIY coffee table on casters—would be a happy addition to any residence no matter the locale. BTW, the nifty daybeds provide not only storage but extra sleeping quarters in a pinch.
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Because sunrooms often have a stand-alone feel quite separate from the rest of the home, you can give them their own unique look. A casual wicker loveseat can thus find a place alongside a heavy pedestal table and refined high-backed dining chairs. The patterned rug in soothing hues is the perfect finishing touch.
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If you’re not satisfied with the material on your sunroom’s furniture, don’t be afraid to recover it in something super smart, like this cheery blue- and white-striped ticking fabric. It’s not only good-looking, but plenty durable as well.
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A sunroom is a space that merges outdoors and in, making it the perfect place to use natural materials including wood, jute, rattan and more. Bonus points if you include a super trendy (and cute) wicker swing egg chair, which will provide both fun looks and snug seating.
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Technically a wee greenhouse, this space was turned into an adaptable sunroom that can double (depending on the furniture configuration) as a dining room, a playroom for kids, or just a great nap nook.
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Undeniably chic, this sunroom also sports a distinctly bohemian vibe thanks to the fun floor table (and the pillows scattered around it for seating). The faux fur throw over the loveseat with the eye-popping cushion is another daring design move that works well.
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If you want to make sure your sunroom sees use, turn it into a spot for entertaining friends and family. Begin with a well-stocked bar, and be sure to include lots of seating so guests can relax and chat. If you have the space, you’re also going to want to add a dining table and chairs, too, which can be used for meals or a good game of cards.
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There are few color combinations as cool and classic as white and blue. In this sunroom, the navy and French blue hues of the throw pillows beautifully play off the serene shades of the lake visible outside those soaring windows. So, too, do the vases atop the mantel. The effect is both timeless and tasteful.
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When you have a home in the country it’s never a bad idea for your sunroom to pay tribute to its locale with at least one eye-catching piece. Here, the cowhide rug tips its hat to rural life, while maintaining the space’s funky, free-spirited vibe.
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